Product-Cutting Time Halved with 90,000-psi Waterjet Pump




New-generation waterjet pumps developed by KMT Waterjet Systems Inc. operate at 90,000 psi and lay claim as the fastest waterjet pump currently available: According to the company, a waterjet operator using the KMT Streamline PRO-III 125hp pump can cut products in half the time of conventional 60,000-psi 50hp waterjet systems. It essentially doubles the cutting power while reducing abrasive cost.

KMT says the PRO-III 125hp features the largest 90,000-psi cutting orifice—0.016—in the waterjet cutting industry (it also comes with dual cutting heads using 0.0011 orifices). Another pump in the series, the KMT Streamline PRO-III 60hp, operates at 90,000 psi, too, offering faster cutting performance and saving on abrasive consumption usage.

Topworks improvements in the KMT PRO-III line include a new patented metal-to-metal seal design and a new SUPRAlife metal canister for protecting UHP seals. In addition, the pumps will offer guaranteed SUPRAlife seal life hours.

The pumps are able to cut metal, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, titanium, rubber, plastic, glass, and many other materials, whether its for  small, single cutting head requirements or high-volume production requiring multiple cutting head systems. They can also perform a range of tasks, from intricate detailed cutting with tight tolerances to cutting thick metals. Among the many possible applications is 5-axis three-dimensional cutting capabilities.

The PRO-III 60hp pump will be on display with three live cutting demonstrations at IMTS 2016. In addition to live cutting at KMT Waterjet’s booth (N-6263), two KMT OEMs will also be on hand with live waterjet-cutting demonstrations featuring the PRO-III 60hp pump.

Author: Machine Design Staff
Media: Machine Design