Finding Specialty Toolholders to Improve Cycle Time

Collis toolholders exceed industry “AT” standards for precision fit in the spindle. These standards are an ANSI/ASME specification (ASME B5.50-2009), and indicate the tolerances that must be met in relation to the taper angle.

The Rise of Machines and the Evolution of Industrial Work

The real world of manufacturing is full of situations that have little structure, predictability or definition. That’s a key reason skilled employees will continue to play a vital role in the operation of highly automated factories.

CNC cutting an arcade cabinet on the smartshop

Countless adults reminisce about their favorite “old-school” video games and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to replay Metal Slug or Space Invaders with a classic arcade cabinet?

Smart Manufacturing for Smart Materials

Closed loops of sensors, data collection and analysis, visualization and interpretation will drive accelerated learning, inform design, and have the power to link the entire value chain from raw material to end users.

Scaling High-Performance Computing to Manufacturers’ Needs

Parallel Works “supercomputing-as-a-service” compresses thousands of hours of data analysis into a browser-based resource. This view shows a “sensitivity analysis,” in which different values are tracked for an independent variable impact a particular dependent variable under a stated set of assumptions.

Moving Toward Smart Manufacturing, via New CAM

In the supply chain for precision parts, SolidWorks is building a Smart Manufacturing ecosystem. Crossing the zones. Costing, Inspection, and Model-Based Definition. Expediting the programming process.


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