Makino D200Z
5-axis vertical machining
centre delivers superior
surface quality and accuracy


MAY, 2017


Machine Center

The new Makino D200Z 5-axis vertical machining centre delivers superior surface quality and accuracy in an ultra-compact, easily automated unit. Originally launched at Makino yearly ‘Die & Mould Forum’ in Kirchheim unter Teck, Germany, last year, the machine provides X-, Y- and Z-axis travels of 350, 300 and 250 mm and can hold workpieces up to 300 mm in diameter, 200 mm in height and weighing 75 kg, all in a footprint of 1,500 by 2,200 mm.

The D200Z is of rigid design, having a thick bed, three-point support and low centre of gravity column. The Z-shaped configuration of the B-axis means minimum effect exerted by the weight of a part. High rigidity is also ensured through an optimised stroke and minimised force loop. In combination with sophisticated thermal control to ensure effective heat removal, the machine’s rigid structure makes the high degree of machining accuracy possible.

The intelligent GI-Smoothing function, a standard function with Makino’s latest Professional 6 controller, optimises the path when CAM tolerances are too rough for simultaneous 5-axis cutting and thus eliminates the undesired marks at the surfaces to be machined, achieving hitherto unknown and excellent surface quality.

Increasing accuracy and surface quality has been achieved without compromising on speed and productivity. The D200Z delivers rapid feed and cutting rates of 60 m/min in the linear axes , with 1.5 G on the X and Y strokes, and 2 G on Z.

A zero-point clamping system is integrated into the table to reduce set-up times, enabling overall lead time reduction.

With Makino’s latest Professional 6 (PRO 6) controller, the D200Z is equipped with several intelligent functions to increase productivity. The controller was developed to meet customer needs for enhanced machining processes through improved safety, ease of operation, reliability and productivity.

All the enhanced productivity comes with state-of-the-art safety measures, thanks to Collision Safe Guard, an advanced real-time collision prevention system that is particularly important and effective in 5-axis applications. Statistically speaking, the most frequent cause of spindle damage is a collision. The main contributing factors are human mistakes in operating, setting, editing, tooling and clamping – all errors that occur on the machine itself. The collision safeguard takes real machining conditions into consideration to prevent collisions.

The Makino D200Z is ready for both pallet and part handling with the robot shutter door easing the path to automation. Intelligent automation solutions from Makino including complex systems with 6-axis robots as well as standard automation.

The standard ATC 20, ATC 40 and matrix magazine of 100 or 300 tools are also available for retrofit. Both the standard ATC20 and the double-capacity ATC40 can be accessed from the front and conveniently fit inside the same splashguard, keeping the machine ultra-compact.

Author: Andrew Allcock
Media: Machinery