Large measuring ranges of
new Optiv Classic
machines support
automated loading/unloading
to speed throughput


APRIL, 2017


The new Optiv Classic 8102 and Optiv Classic 12152 from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence have an X-Y measurement range of 800 by 1,000 mm and 1,200 by 1,500 mm, and can be combined with the optional PC DMIS Operator Interface (OI) to handle workpiece palletising, enabling a fast and automated inspection process, even for large batches of small serial parts, such as clutch discs, fine-blanked parts and sheet metal cut-outs for electric motor construction.

Series components with geometrically varied and strict-tolerance 2D inspection features require a specialised production measuring solution. Thanks to the extended measurement range, prepared interchangeable pallets can be supplied semi-automatically by a palletising robot, reducing idle times and increasing inspection throughput.

The Optiv Classic 8102 and Optiv Classic 12152 are each fitted with a world-class vision sensor system comprised of a high resolution digital CMOS colour camera combined with a programmable 6.5x CNC motor zoom to enable repeatable, fast, and automatic measuring-point capture.

Both new metrology machines are supplied with PC DMIS Pro as standard with the option to upgrade to PC DMIS CAD software to extract all relevant dimensional, shape and position tolerances from imported CAD data.

The addition of the PC DMIS OI further enhances the user experience with its simplified user-interface and pre-defined measurement routines that minimise the risk of input and interpretation errors across entire component pallets.

Says Wolfram Fröhlich, business unit director PL sCMM (Vision Unit) at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence: “We have added two new broad measurement CMMs to our comprehensive Optiv Classic range to give manufacturers a choice of specialised solutions for large part and palletised applications. And to complete these production-ready measuring solutions, we offer the intuitive PC DMIS OI so our customers can achieve the very best results possible.”

Author: Andrew Allcok
Media: Machinery