Kyocera’s CA3
and K series
inserts boost
cast iron machining






Kyocera has developed a line of indexable cutting tool inserts to improve cast iron machining. Made from newly-developed grades of CVD coated-carbide materials, Kyocera’s CA3 series and chipbreaker K series inserts are said to address rising demand for tools that can deliver stable machining performance over a range of cutting conditions.

The CA3 series uses a CVD coating with a pink-gold finish over a carbide base metal. Kyocera has improved the adhesion strength of the coating layers to ensure longer tool life and consistent processing of cast iron. The company has also adjusted the balance between layers for various applications to enhance tool life and ensure consistent cutting.

Kyocera’s K series features three newly-designed edge shapes to maximise performance when combined with the latest materials in the CA3 series. By creating special chipbreaker shapes for specific applications, higher stability and cutting consistency can be expected, even in high load conditions.

Author: Steed Webzell
Media: Machinery