IoT Emerge:
An Up-Close and
Personal IoT Experience





Industry 4.0

As IoT applications and case studies start piling up, some companies still wonder where the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) fits in their production lines. There’s lots of information on the internet about the IIoT, such as how IIoT worked in one application or how much a company could save by using a specific IIoT product. While examples and case studies offer ideas on how IIoT might fit your production line, having a chance to talk to experts directly about your applications and concerns can help ease concerns.

Expo shows provide great opportunities to see multiple vendors, companies, and products. Perhaps even more valuable is the ability to speak to people directly. Despite all of the mobile phones and video conferencing, regional technology concentrations still exist, and will continue to succeed.

An expo concentrates technology in one center location, making it possible to observe and touch the latest and greatest developments. It also gives engineers a chance to connect with like-minded people, and get excited about what’s new. If some attendees may be hesitant about some of change, there are typically keynote speakers to help educate. And since it’s not a webinar, you can actually walk up and greet them after the presentation, swap business cards, and ask for guidance for specific problems.

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Pablos Holman, Inventor

“This year, the IoT Institute is launching a new conference called IoT Emerge. During the first two days—Wednesday Nov. 2 and Thursday Nov. 3—keynote speakers and multiple companies will present their technologies in the solutions hall, answering questions and potentially sparking new ideas. Over 40 speakers at IoT Emerge, from inventor (speaker Pablos Holman) to CEO (Tamara McCleary,, will delve into an array of IoT topics. Then on Friday Nov. 4, local tours of manufacturing, energy, and smart-city facilities/locations will get underway.”

Founder, CEO, and Brand Ambassador,

“Attendees can experience the conference in three ways. Foremost is IoT Emerge, with access to vendors, keynotes, and more. Also, SmartGig Chicago will talk about new information for Illinois civic leaders, MDU/MTU managers, utilities, public works professionals, and more—all of whom can learn from and leverage the plans and partnerships that make Chicago a leading example of smart and connected infrastructure. Lastly, Empowering Customers and Cities will address utilities of the future. It charts a course for reimagining energy production, usage, and delivery. The two-day event brings together utilities, policy makers, and visionaries.”

Author: Jeff Kerns
Media: Machine Design